Video Performance #13

Makes No difference if you're running a Pentium 4 in AGP, or a Quad in Vista 64. The maximum slider setting for Terrian is 4, some of the newest most powerful can run maxed out, but it'll look just as good on 4, plus you won't encounter any unexplainable problems down the road.
Also if you check your FPS ( Z ), it'll be higher on 4

A bit of troubleshooting you can do yourself. Firstly if things start looking strange, back off on all your sliders

If you can play Quick Combat, but NOT Campaign
Your Computer MUST think in English, however it also must be REGION USA, UK, or South Africa. Take Heed you guys in OZ

Quick Combat is where you practice and "Hone" your skills, as you control everthing.
Campaign is meant to be real.

However there are some members, who can't spare the time to start a Campaign, and never leave QC. . . . . . schitt happens

And if you want just repeated mano y mano dogfight action CFS3 QC is the ONLY place you can setup such activity
There are also folks, brand new at this who jump into campaign with both feet, and kill alot of pilots, it's your's

Many Newbies play Quick Scenarios. I never have, these all work, but in Phase 2 they didn't. Old habits are hard to break
The most common complaint is being killed very soon without a shot being fired. You're part of a 12 aircraft formation, 11 of them are at full speed, you're not. You are getting run into by your own chums. My solution is to dive for a second as soon as it starts

The Configuration accesable from desktop is CFS3 not OFF
The Configuration you want is accesable from OFF Workshop

OFF loves speed, Quads are good for building bridges. My Q6600 is only 2.4Ghtz, marginal for OFF, I run 4-3-3-4-1, 30 FPS
My Newer Unit is at 3.6Ghtz at 5-4-4-5-5, 60 FPS

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