Gauges .......... HUD ..........Z . . #12

There are a complete set of Gauges, included is a compass that appears as it would have in WWI they are usable but they obliterate the Immersion, with it is the printed HUD ( F5 )

Along with the gauges, the printed HUD contains some goodies
1) a more accurate digital fuel gauge, than the dial Gauge in your cockpit.
If before combat it shows 87%, but after combat, it shows 84%.
You've got a leak friend, nothing to get excited about, but I'd start looking for someplace to land. You could attack another enemy aircraft, and run dry at 9000 feet. YOUR CHOICE

Some folks say it's cheating. But I say the WW1 pilot, could smell a minor leak, you Can't
2) The ONLY ammo counter in the game. Sometimes it's nice to know when you only have 23 bullets, Before you attack 2 aircraft

The Printed Part CAN be dragged anywhere you want ( even off screen). But you need to attempt the drag, by the Left side edge ( anywhere else, it ain't gonna budge)

Those Gauges can be thrown over the side, selectively, they cycle as to function, then one by one vanish, and will stay vanished until You cycle them back
( control + shift + 1/2/3/4/5 )
You can
drag the gauges, one by one and place them wherever you want, and they'll remain there until you move them

( Z ) yields much more than F. P. S. used for Tweaking the Running.
It appears to be a mass of numbers, which shows up in the upper-left corner of your screen. That mass of numbers contain lots of information.
It Speedo, Altimeter, Rate of Climb in Degrees + or -Latitude, Longitude and Compass Bearing in Degrees ( if you consider the TAC as a cheat, perhaps you might favor this )
A Timer . . usefull when your mission is to Patrol an area 13 minutes

That's where the gauges GET their information, I leave it up all the time, but I 'cheat' alot. The only time it leaves my screen, is for a Dogfight

It can't be dragged anywhere, what you see, is what you get

There's more than one way to sink a ship. Not so much for Archie damage, but definately after an enemy encounter where shots were exchanged. There exists a highly accurate Digital Fuel Gauge, as part of the HUD
( F5 ) . . once you have jettisoned those silly gauges, the only Useful Gauge is the compass. So that only the printed part remains. Nevermind constantly monitoring your fuel gauge for signs of a leak, above 3/4. then below a 1/2. Chances are . . it's too late to do anything once the leak is discovered. With the digital gauge, you have 72.6% and two seconds later, you have 71.2%, you have a leak pal, nothing to get crazy over, but it ain't gonna get no better.

Some Pilots ( ME ) Leave it up always, when it's tucked into a corner, you'll never notice it. It also features the ONLY ammo counter in the sim.

The rationale behind it's use: The WWI pilot could smell a leak, we can't

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