Different Ways of Killing Your Engine #11

It really makes No difference in the game, because if the enemy didn't set your aircraft on fire in the air, there's no way you're going to burst into flames on the ground. However IF in 1917 you stopped your prop from turning under power by retarding your Magneto 3 times. Your engine will indeed stop running, but now you will continue pumping a mixture of aviation fuel and air, or aviation fuel and Castor oil to a Red Hot Air cooled engine without it running. NOT A GOOD IDEA

On a modern aircraft engine, when the engine stops running, the fuel pump stops pressurizing, and everything comes to a halt.

But in 1917 with some aircraft there was NO fuel pump, air was pressurized by the pilot, via a bicycle pump deal atop the fuel in the tank. Which can explain your engine just stopping, without a fuel leak. An air leak, like from one bullet hole, means you can pump till you're blue in the face, but that engine is gonna stop.

The only SAFE way to stop that engine is via Mixture Idle Cutoff, problem being that's 3 Keystrokes (Ctrl+Shft+F6). Which is a definate candidate for a little work in Control Options

I'm just amazed at how many people, recommend the Magneto method to newbies. Then rave about Immersion

I guess it just comes easier to me, I've never flown a modern engined aircraft

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