OFF Tips and Cheats #10

Explination of the TAC screen

We know that in 1917, Radar was not yet invented. Think of it as 'Superman's Eyes'. It will be visable or not, on your demand ( Shft+T )

There are many screens possible, for varied targets. In OFF we are only concerned with Aircraft. Cycle Screens ( T )

The Field of view for the TAC can be cycled 8/4/2/1 in Nautical Miles, the radius of the screen ( Ctrl+Shft+T )

The number at 6 O'clock is your Field of View

The number at 12 O'clock is the distance to your next waypoint in Nautical Miles.

As an 'unknown' aircraft approaches, it will appear as a 'White Blip, when it gets closer the Blip will change color. Red or Blue, enemy or friendly.
Also you'll know His direction. About the only thing it doesn't tell you, is His altitude. Sometimes he Will appear to be at the center of the screen, yet the skys are clear? . . He's above you . . You are the center.

The TAC as a navagation 'cheat'. In Campaign Only, there is a Blue Neon line, on screen. That's Your Direction of Travel. It will guide you, between waypoints, if YOU keep that line Vertical, You can't get lost PERIOD

As you get nearer to your waypoint, the line will become shorter, till it finally disappears. Only to reappear, full length, guiding you to your next waypoint.

One Cheat for the people with poor eyesight ( ME ) is to turn Labels Off (Ctrl+Shft+L ) soo the view isn't ruined by 6 British Trucks.
But leave the TAC on, as an early warning system.
When Enemy Aircraft appear on my TAC screen, Labels Hot, TAC off
Time To Party !!

NOTE: If you drag that TAC screen, to the Lower Left Corner of your screen, you just might be inclined to Leave it up

In the stock location it IS an immersion killer BAD

There's no such thing as Bad Weather, only unsuitable clothing