Quick Combat is where you practice and 'Hone' your skills

You control all the variables, please remember 'every airfield' is considered enemy. Two minutes after you take off, don't be surprized if they shoot at you when you attempt to land

In a P51 you flew at 400mph, and had six heavy machine guns, whatever you hit, you destroyed. Now you fly at 110mph, with one .30 cal machine gun, maybe two. Your target is mostly wood and canvas, if you fail to put a few bullets into the Pilot, the Fuel Tank, or the Engine. It could be a long day
It's a rather small aicraft, easily missed without the labels. Roughly 1/2 the size of a Spitfire, both in wingspan and overall length

There is NO way to load more bullets

Your supply of ammo is limited, but you've got more than enough to shoot down six aircraft. So get close, and only fire when you're sure you'll hit. Short Bursts Only

Also New for Phase 3 Gunjams just like the real thing. You have the choice to not use them in Workshop, you can also opt for unlimited ammo

They were installed basically because that's the way it really was, in that time period

5 shots for a single gun is a good size burst, 10 you're living Dangerously

I've had my gun jam up, and I was being a Good Boy

Perhaps a bent bullet, or a flattened case, thing's happen. And I had a German Pilot in my sights, ready to send him to his maker, and my gun jammed. As it turned out, I died

Sometimes the jam will clear by itself, sometimes it won't. Some members have claimed success with performing High-G manuvers.

The same kind off manuvers as you might make, with an aircraft shooting at you, while your guns are jammed.

Anybody that played RB3D, looks for the "U" Key as it unjammed your guns, you can press it as much you want, it ain't gonna help

When you 'THINK' you're good, try Campaign. All missions begin on the runway. You have a main purpose, Question is What is it?
Stay Alive
Do your Duty
Earn lots of Medals

The average Pilot in World War One, lasted 17 Hours . . CAN YOU ?

Every 5 Kills ( confirmed claims) they give you a medal.

You could drop an enemy aircraft at your CO's feet, the claim report must go to Home Office. Where it's at the mercy of the pencilpushers. How long ? A week, maybe two, just hope they didn't lose the report, it has happened.

As it stands now, you've got to provide alot of information on that claim report. If you want life to go alot smoother. Write down the names of your flying mates now, on some scrap paper, for possible use later

Sometimes they will reject the victory, you will be informed, what they say GOES

The only time you can earn a Kill of a balloon, is when it's your assigned target. ANY other Balloon is treated as a ground target

Be prepared you're gonna KILL a bunch of Pilots, when your pilot gets himself Killed in Quick Combat, he's dead in Campaign also. Do yourself a favor, Put QC as his first name. So then there's nobody else to blame

It depends on what you call cheating death, because there's cheating, then there's cheating

I play with a pilot that can Never Die, which is fine if you follow some self-imposed rules. OFF has nothing to do with it, you'll live forever as far as the Manager is concerned.

Anytime your Hospital Stay EXCEEDS 24 Days, you face a manditory permanent retirement. It won't be mentioned, however you've worn the goggles for the final time.

Example: Go down in a ball of flames from 8000, 27 Days in Hospital, time to retire, you know he died, I know he died, but according to the manager he went to the hospital for 27 days

It has it's rewards as well, a crash landing deep behind enemy lines, you spend 21 Days with the nurses, sleeping on clean linen.

Upon your release, you become a P.O.W., but you alway's escape within a few days, to Fly Again

You can survive quite a while, or cheat and last forever and nobody knows but YOU


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