The Story Behind the Force Feedback Joystick #4

Now some people will disagree with this way of thinking, different opinions make the world go around. I don't see how in the name of all that's holy, you can fly an F18 Hornet, and a SE5 with the same Joystick. The Hornet can't vibrate at 585 MPH, it would self destruct. While the SE5 firing it's weapon, shakes like a washing machine on steroids. The only way to simutate it is with a Force Feedback Joystick. You'll feel the instant you're flying, instead of everything getting smaller. And most importantly you'll feel the stall coming, 1/2 second before it arrives, giving the pilot ample time to alter his activities, thus avoiding the stall. It could be a lifesaver.

Especially with WWI Birds, many times after take-off, you can attempt to gain altitude too quickly and stall. It's very easy, to change, just level out and build some speed, when you feel the 'Death Rattle'. Without Force Feedback, just stall and die.

In a Dogfight you might make one turn too many. You can maintain the attack and stall, and the Hunter becomes the Hunted. Or you can break off the attack, rebuild speed, and attack again. Without Force Feedback you don't have a choice.

The stall itself is just the lack of Flying, below a certain speed, it just stalls. The only way to recover with these low power engines, is to dive inorder to gain speed of air, over your wings and control surfaces. Not enough altitude . . you die.

If it feels unatural to you to bring your left hand across your body in order to work the throttle, ( throttle on EVO is Bad) it works fine, but such a placement. I'm rather fond of the Saitek Trottle Quadrent, if you use the massive clamp deal for a boat anchor, and secure the quadrent itself to your desktop with
adhesive back Velcro, you can put it wherever you want. It features 3 staulks, of which you can only use one, the other two vanish, and the slots are neatly covered with black tape. It also features 3 Rocker Switches, which function like 6 Buttons, programable of course
That Micky$oft Sidewinder II is a great FFB Joystick, but it's painfully short of buttons

My personal opinion as far as OFF is concerned, any HOTAS would be a bit of overkill. The WWI pilot never had all those controls at his fingertips. About the Only positive is the left hand throttle, which I simulate with the Saitek

That leaves you Free to use a Force Feedback Joystick

Your Choice of Pedals, and Trackir . . Round things out

That's just the way I did it . . . . . .I'm sure there're other versions of the OFF experience

NOTE: Used too be everybody offer a Force Feedback joystick, unfortunately those are history, the ONLY FFB offered NEW
is the $300 Logitech system

I was Lucky to find a Power Pro Force NEW in the box

And the only one used that you can depend on is the MICROSOFT Sidewinder II

Watch Out. . there a lot of Microsoft FFB Sticks for SALE on Ebay, but you need the USB Unit Like the Sidewinder II
Anything else makes a good doorstop or paperweight or an anchor for a very small boat

There's no such thing as Bad Weather, only unsuitable clothing