Trackir is a bit of a vampyre, in that it strongly dislikes bright lights, especially sunlight. That includes reflected light, so if you're folically challenged (Bald), cover that chrome dome, it has been known to cause problems.
You could have a glass covered picture of your Mother-in-law hang on the wall BEHIND you, which reflects light into your Trackir ruining everything . . You're on your own as to solving that problen

If you're starting using Trackir, you'll feel abit woosie, not to worry, it happens to everyone, you'll quickly become used to it. But I'd advise in the beginning you keep a pail handy, just in case.
There was a guy who bought Trackir , for use in Phase 1. He had flown every sim since CFS1, he used Trackir and lost his lunch all over his keyboard. Turns out he would get violently airsick, Who Knew ??? The following day he took out an Ebay Ad.

People have actually asked here, where they can buy Dramimine wholesale, so there must be a need.
I've heard of many temporary cures, from pills to wristbands. I'd say see an MD, if so afflicted.
Then use Trackir

One common problem the beginner complains of, is their inability to get the exact sight alignment, to head position, during a dogfight.

Just get it close, and hit the (F12) Key. The sights will center themselves to match Your Head Position. Beginners will get real familure with F12

PS . . It's always good to F12 it when the mission starts__________________

What is Trackir ?

Just so as nobody gets Sticker Shock, Trackir is an expensive toy, it costs around $125.00
If this makes anyone feel better, I paid $180 for mine about 6 years back

Trackir 4 or TR4 is all you need,. . TR5 is the latest thing for roughly $25 more
HOWEVER . .The Camera Unit is so light sensetive, some find it's use troublesome ( ME )

When you make a purchase, all's you get is the camera and the hat clip ( the Software is via Download )
On the download page is the software for TR4 and TR5 ( take what you want )

Sooo the Hot Setup which most pilots use is the TR4 Camera with the TR5 Software. If for some reason you don't like the TR5 Software,
Uninstall and use the TR4

Free Track . . . for those who can't stretch their budgets, or sneak Trackir past the Wing Commander
Free Tack itself is rather old, I don't know if it even exists anymore

Track - Noir is:

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