Navigation: #1
The early aviators didn't have pop-upmaps or GPS do help guide them. They only had ded reckoning and landmarks to help. Most carried maps either folded up or on a scroll that they could use. Of course, after flying over an area long enough, they learned the landmarks and views so that they didn't need them so much. Fortunately, WM's scenery is so good, you can do the same.

To navigate, you need maps. Forget the in-game map. It's too vague and mis-guided. Part of the F5 HUD is a perfectly working Compass.
With good maps and a functional compass, who needs 'M'
TRICK . . If you drag the compass into the center of your TAC, both still work perfectly ( assuming the screen is cycled to aircraft ). If you use Padlocking and Brakets the compass gets rather hard to read.

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