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P.S. I have no knowledge of my website being down. It works perfectly for me and has done the last few days as far as I know. Unfortunately, I have heard that some other people do run into problems accessing my websites, or content hosted at my sites. I use a free webhost and haven't personally seen any major problems with it, so can't really comment about why others fail to see my sites. From MY end, I will try to do everything I can to keep my sites up for as long as possible. Sorry for the current problems with access you are having and hopefully my sites will resume functioning as normal very soon. If the problem persists, please let me know again and I'll contact my webhost.


I will try it on IE, but I despise IE. Hope it doesn't work! haha

The in-game sound-looping and freeze SHOULD be fixed with one of Phoenix's fixes (I'll go into that more if that sounds totally alien to you).

Without access to the site, hunting down the various fixes has been problematic.

The best way to test the game and not get too complicated right from the get-go, is to run the game in Software mode first.

Not quite sure what your referring to here. What is software mode?