Hi Jave, thanks for joining and posting. I'm normally the one who first welcomes newcomers, and as you address me directly in your post, I feel it's perhaps only fitting that I answer first.

Wow, long first post! Cheers for taking the time to type that all up. I'll just address various things that you said that I want to reply to...

* The best way to test the game and not get too complicated right from the get-go, is to run the game in Software mode first. That way, if you get any problems later on, you may be able to narrow it down to glide wrappers, glide wrapper versions, etc. Training may also not be the best place to test, as some people have reported slightly erratic behavior in that at the best of times.

* The in-game sound-looping and freeze SHOULD be fixed with one of Phoenix's fixes (I'll go into that more if that sounds totally alien to you).

* I have actually received a bit more than a 'single dime', just so you're not under any illusions. A few people have donated to me since I've had my generic donation page up, for my 'work' on LB2. It amounts to not a lot considering the hours I've put in, but I have received monetary gain nonetheless. I've also collectively got a few pounds from the Google Ads up on a couple of my sites. I just wanted to be open and honest about that.

* I am indeed the creator of the Longbow 2 Windows Vista/7 Fix, but only as the package itself stands. All included fixes and solutions are mostly other people's work and discoveries, and I got as many permissions as possible to include those. I really just brought everything together in one, hopefully, fairly easy-to-use package.


P.S. I have no knowledge of my website being down. It works perfectly for me and has done the last few days as far as I know. Unfortunately, I have heard that some other people do run into problems accessing my websites, or content hosted at my sites. I use a free webhost and haven't personally seen any major problems with it, so can't really comment about why others fail to see my sites. From MY end, I will try to do everything I can to keep my sites up for as long as possible. Sorry for the current problems with access you are having and hopefully my sites will resume functioning as normal very soon. If the problem persists, please let me know again and I'll contact my webhost.