So we do not use a compatibility mode after installing one of the Phoenix fixes? Once I got the X65F programmed, I started noticing definite issues with it while LB2 was installed in the Program (x86) directory. Errant key presses have been reduced now with it in the main C directory, but I still get CTDs at the end of missions... especially with the profiler running in the background. It's strange that key and joystick configs still aren't saving within the sim, as if things are still write protected. And alt, shift, and ctrl keys still seem to stick or behave like they are latched at times. Much worse in x86 folder, but still some weird things. Like Autopilot switching on out of the blue. I don't even have that mapped on the HOTAS. And Numpad Enter wouldn't work at all while in x86 folder. I wonder if part of this stuff is write protection folder issues and the rest is due to joystick profilers havingn to run in the background and LB2 not liking Windows preferred joystick or any other programs/processes running at the same time.

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