Well, in spite of this I still miss Gunship! and LB2. I was looking forward to trying them out with the X-65f HOTAS (and the pedals, if possible), but I left the discs in Oregon in storage while at grad school. It's so strange, because I have Flanker and F-15 in the CD wallet, but not those two. Isos and abandonware possibilities I guess are non-existent. I think if I had my mom get them out of storage she might nag and call me hermit ;-P

The term "necroposting" was invented by a person with no social memory beyond a year. People with a similar hangup are those o.k. with the internet being transient vapor.


Saitek X65 and X52, Glide, Winx3D, and GlovePIE Profiles http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=reticuli&CatID=miscmisc


X52 + Silicone Grease = JOY stick