I'm an older gamer so I'm a cranky intolerant gamer but at the same time I'm amazed at the progress in computer technology so I'm of mixed feelings. I didn't bother with Arma1. But I did get Arma 2.

The only game that is a competitor to Arma2 is the Total War series. I like Arma2 better than Total War and that's saying a lot. Well there's Steel Beasts Pro PE and Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs 2 as well so that's not fair. There's some very good games out there.

I like mostly creating my own scenarios or going to Planned Assault's website and letting the computer create scenarios for me. Online can be pretty good too. The guys that play here are good and so are the guys and United Operations.

Arma 3 is going to be unreal

Buy Arma2 and just learn all the controls, learn how to make your own scenarios on the mission editor. Research real tactics and real historical events and recreate them in the editor.

Endless fun.

Oh yeah and install the ACE mod. Excellent stuff.

Also when you make scenarios put yourself in command of an entire company. Hold back like a company commander would with a couple medics in your entourage to repair you when you're down. Then deploy your forces on objectives. Watch the amazing AI action. I get newsreel moments doing this. But then you'll need to know not only all the command keys for your own movements and actions but the movements and actions of the company, platoons fireteams and soldiers you command. this is not an easy game to learn but the work will be rewarding if you make the effort

As many have said; this is the original Ghost Recon on steroids.

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