So I had set up this very lengthy mission plan that was going to take more then an hour to pull off a deep incursion behind enemy lines. I'm bobbing up to take out some SAM sights right near the FARP in the High Azer (3,0) map/terrain and I can barely stay at a hover without being over-torqued. I also noticed that I was sluggish and heavy feeling while I was flying around ducking for cover from Havocs and Hokums right at the start of the mission. I was like WTH...why is my Longbow(R) so sluggish and why am I over-torquing so much?

So I started paying attention to my Engine Torque Readout on the IHADSS and also on the Engine MFD and noticed its max was around 113%. I distinctly have memories of playing years ago and being able to over-torque to 121%.

I open my longbow anthology manual, and sure enough the description of the Engine MFD and HUD all show pics of over-torque going to 121%. It even says the range is from 0%-120%.

But then I realize I am weighted down with a full armament load and then I start to wonder if the game calculates your waypoint distances and loads you with fuel accordingly; thus, I am flying heavy at mission start since I've got such a long flight path ahead of me. I also discover that my max torque value changes with altitude and because I am in the 'High Azer' map, my max over-torque is reduced just by the effects of altitude. Thus I start to think that I have explained it away, and I am impressed that the sim is so realistically designed! clapping

But, being the good troubleshooter that I am, I of course have to go and load other maps to see if I can get a low enough elevation map to allow me to fly at or near sea level and see if my torque goes to 121% like I remember. duh

The most I could get was 118%. I wonder why I remember over-torquing years ago to my full max of 121%? Was I incorrectly recalling LB1? Anyone else notice this?

Thanks ahead of time for any input you might have!

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