My comments in Red:

"It would be silly to say things are going well with this project.Then we agree Mr. Kok.

But give me a bit of time to sort things out.You've had a long does "sorting out"take? We got serious money in this project and we are still very much aiming for a release. If only because we just like the idea and the people behind it. I love flying a Harrier over the Falklands waiting for some Argentine fighter to show.That does sound awfully fun! Hey, maybe someone should make a game about that.. "

This smells like feature creep induced vaporware.

At the end of the day: Aerosoft is the one who's out the money they invested, Aerosoft is the one who's failing to generate interest because they lack basic knowledge of press release and developer diaries, and Aerosoft will be the one who makes JT "toxic" as an investment from other publishers.

oh, and it appears you have a bit of bark in your teeth Mr. Kok...

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