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Its pretty flippin' obvious a kindergartner can handle press better than the JT team. But I still want to see them succeed rather than pour doom and gloom all over their heads. Despite the amazing amount of time it's taken for this project I really want to see it get its day, despite all the obvious warning signs, maybe the project is in limbo or something (IDK) Aerosoft is just the publisher the JT team from what I understand is still just a handful of guys and I can't remember if they had full time jobs on top of all this.

Again, the JT dev team isn't responsible for PR, that's the publishers (now Aerosoft) job. I don't hold the Devs at all responsible for the blackout.

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I simply couldn't agree more with you AggressorBLUE!

Well I work in marketing, so I figure I'm at least qualified to have a professional opinion on that!

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