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Wow you guys are a tough crowd......

Not a matter of being a tough crowd or not.
The devs promised so much that this sim would be released before christmas that they even "promissed" to eat trees in case Jet Thunder wasn't available in the market before that same date and after christmas passed and Jet Thunder wasn't released the devs instead to giving some feedback to their loyal followers (which I include myself) they gave absolutelly NO feedback at all! So and from my "lifetime experience" regarding PC flight sims I came to learn that this indicates that there's a 99.999999% probability of something being very wrong regarding this sim's development and this like Pooch already and correctly said this usually means that that one of the following two situations will almost certainly happen:
1- The sim will be canceled (like "tons" of other many promissing sims in the recent past)
2- Or, the sim will be rushed and full of bugs and with half or even less of the promissed features (like IL2:CoD for example)

Of course, since Jet Thunder is one of my favourite sim projects (on par with Combat-Helo) I honestly hope to be 100% WRONG! But recent history seems to counter or contradict my hopes...