its fixed! but i don't know exactly how. i have AVG free, but it was closed during install and after attempting to run the game NOTE: the game was able to run in compatibility mode before the fix was applied. the error occurred after applying the fix. what did i do differently: uninstalled AVG(didn't know how to exclude LB2.exe) and not applied the 2209 patch. is there a chance that this was caused by the 2209 patch? also the game is still fairly unstable. crashes on screen transitions is a constant gable while training will go on a loop crash. also there are a few other problems, the menu screen is tiny but that's not the main problem, but that is......colorful. i mean its like a rainbow. the problem somehow stops when i open the desktop personalization on resolution settings.

as for the bankruptcy, well it cost me 50$ and another 38$ for shipping, and that's not to much i believe.

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