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It might end up that way who knows (besides know it alls) but I'll wait for the dev team to make that announcement. They've been pretty honest as it is and if a dev says they're still working on it that's good enough for me. I think a lot of forum members forget this isn't Oleg Maddox or Eagle Dynamics developing but a small group of professionals.

Agree about the devs, it's not them that I have been frustrated with, it's Aerosofts lack of communication when they have stated one thing and then don't bother to provide a update such as "sorry guys, we're still working hard at it and it will be a couple more months". What happened is that they (Aerosoft, not Dante and crew) said weeks, not months (when the first Jan 2011 date was missed) and promised to eat a tree if it was not out by the end of the year but all there has been is silence.

It's that silence that gets me, own up and tell the real picture (not expecting project plan with committed dates).

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