Riverside Patrol:

...our 2 squads where send, to find out what the ENY was up to.
We mounted our trusty Fuchs APC.

And of we go.

Our patrol was meant to move along the blue line

So the amphibious cabability of the Fuchs came in quiete handy:

Meanwhile the guys from the heavy company provided overwatch:

We made it to the other side. Then at a listening-stop we hear engines...TANKS!!
Time to unload the Milan and go for a hunt.

And there they are, 2 T-72 crossing the river while a 3rd provided overwatch probably a reccon party.

As the "overwatcher" tries to follows the rest of his platoon, we decide that he's gonna get it as his buddys can't see our FP:



and this hit

sends his turret flying

While the rest of the reccon party legged it.

Further oders for us...stay as a sentry post..

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