Dear Aysha!

I can only return to you in a few days, but I wanted to tell you a story of our daily patrols that happened to me yesterday. Corporal Mahsud and I were returning from Um'Kituz late in the afternoon, after apprehending a thief and handing him over to the local police. Sheesh, these lazy boys can't even do their basic jobs! Why do they always have to call the military police?

We entered town from the north, near the central well. We gave the driver of this yellow truck a ticket for his parking violation.

The driver was quite agitated, and with strong swearing left the scene. I told Corporal Mahsud to chase him as he was driving recklessly. But we were short on time and had to report back to headquarters, so I took this photo to track the license plate number.

When we arrived at headquarters, Mahsud's cousin Habib thought Mahsud would appreciate a photo of our ride (he did not, and gave it to me, so here you are... but don't tell his cousin that, next time that you meet him. Remember, he can be quite moody).
Looking at the image, I hope we can get rid of the Hesco walls soon, the security situation has overall improved. It is quite tricky to navigate the entrance. But Mahsud is a good driver.

Just as we reported back to Lieutenant Khamir, we heard a loud crash from outside the perimeter. The guard in the tower was on high alert, but soon told us to relax. It was just a traffic accident.

As it happened, the Americans had a drone circling in the air which by sheer luck happened to capture the scene:
It was the reckless truck driver again!!!

We quickly called for an ambulance. But the next clinic is twenty kilometers away, so it took quite a while before the ambulance arrived in town. The sun began to set. Neighbors took photos, which I later confiscated to document the accident for the court proceedings.

Here we can be seen at the arrival of the paramedics:

I also took a photo of Corporal Mahsud before helping the paramedics to evacuate the wounded drivers.

Well, Lt. Khamir was just so kind to remind me in his unique manner that I still have to write the report. I must finish this letter now.

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