Nope, not so skilled to play online :P
Hyperlobby, anyway? Barely heard of it.

In the land of farmers that Italy is, internet is a recent discovery. Imagine about FAST internet...

But if you tell me what flying games you have I'LOVE to give it a try!
Never been afraid of losing and as Tom suggested me I have to take something back.

En garde!

@TOM and evryone else in this thread: I officially apologize, but I've NEVER EVER EVER seen hair so bushy on a man before. It's an italian thing I suppose...
Still, Tom, your comment confirm me you thought the same.

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"It takes forever +/- 2 weeks for the A-10 to get anywhere significant..."

"Ha! If it gets him on the deck its a start!"

"What people like and what critics praise are rarely the same thing. 'Critic' is just another one of those unnecessary, overpaid, parasitic jobs that the human race has churned out so that clever slackers won't have to actually get a real job and possibly soil their hands."