Well after two or three weeks of almost zero CTDs I think I can confirm it was the SST or the X-45 drivers.
A few weeks ago Madcatz and I exchanged a few Emails and he linked me up with some new stick drivers and "Saitek ProFlight" profile software. Now from time to time it still does some goofy stuff like locking up all the stick and keyboard controls, but that's rare ( flying every night and have it happen once or twice a week ). So far I can profile my stick buttons any way I want with no issues what-so-ever, it's all good and NOW I can actually enjoy LB2 right up until the ridicules blade stall kicks in, VRS I can tolerate and overcome but the blade stall is a joke.

Here is how I am currently running the graphics and such, but the CTDs were from the X-45s software and drivers.

Three missions in a row with ZERO CTDs, that's a record for LB2 on this rig!!!
Re-installed LB2
Patched with the 2209
Patched with the DDU ( tried it without the ddu and just the Voodoo wrapper but it didn't work )

Set up the dgVoodoo wrapper with:
32 bit
32 bit
Mon freq
vert sync
Force trilinear****or not
use hard cache
use fastwrite
text mem:8192****or 16384
Rez: set by app****or 640x480 gets rid of lines in pit as well as the Windows clock
Enable Glide gammaramp****or not

Had to use the WAC

did the HEAP edit

Open the CA.INI file and add this to the top


and set the OpenGL on my ATI Radeon card to:
AA: app pref
AF: app pref
and set Wait for vert sync to : Default on.

Flyboy, thanks for all the help, we helo wannabees gotta stick together copter