Hi! Guys!
This is my first mission. It must have many imperfections. I'm not sure everyone can run it. And my English is very bad(I am Chinese). Therefore, the text of the mission must have a lot of grammatical errors. I hope someone can help me point out these errors.
Download: http://www.4shared.com/file/L8OskaR3/hetzer_01.html
You have to add a new line to the user_camp.engcfg file:
Hetzer 01, Hetzer 01, 1, 0, hetzer_01.tga, txt_cit_01, 30, txt_hist_intro, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\Hetzer 01.level;
Necessary Mod:

Conflicting Mod:
2.SPM1.5 NTA1.4(ENG)
By the way. There are T-70 in the mission. But the "SPM1.5 NTA1.4(ENG)" is no T-70. So there is a conflict.

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