COD really, really needs finer-grained graphics detail settings. For instance, I would love to turn off the tree shadows because I think their incessant flickering is actually a detriment to the graphics quality, and I suspect this would give a nice boost in framerate by itself, but I want to keep all the other shadows (particularly the cockpit shadows, as those are rather nice). It's frustrating.

Oh, and a slider to adjust the force feedback in-game for the love of god.

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I`ve played with the options and it seems shadows off has the most impact. Most other setting are high. Still not smooth though, but definatly playable. The shadows were flickering anyway, so it isn`t such a loss.

Edit: what resolution are you running the sim at? I have 1980*1080. What`s your OS?

As for the case, I have the CoolerMaster Centurion 5 II. Nothing special, but good bang for the buck (55 €). Has one 12 cm and one 14 cm fan already installed.