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letterboy, you REALLY need to OC your CPU. As said before, really easy, for now you are running your CPU only at around 75 % of what it`s capable.

btw. once you get the sim, I`m really interested if you suffer the stuttering I get, as our systems are very similar. Please report back.

Hi Kilosierra, I've had the sim for a couple of days now. It actually runs very well. I only get an occasional stutter when new planes spawn or when London loads into my graphics card. biggrin This is with CoD's default settings; I haven't cranked any of them up yet, but it sure looks good already! I will try out overclocking it in the near future after I sort out my HOTAS profile.

PS. I wrote in the hardware forum that I solved my CPU temperature problem. It wasn't incorrect heatsink installation as I had feared, it's just my cramped little case. For now I am running it with the side cover off until I get another case when I can afford it. CPU idles at 35 degrees. After running CoD for about an hour it goes to the mid-40s. Not too bad. smile

The issue is not p*ssy. The issue is monkey.