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I haven't heard anything about an imminent mega patch, but one can only hope. The biggest problem for me personally is the lack of a battle of britain game, the campaign is a complete joke.

I must say that I am quite content with strafing stuff that goes boooom (in the most striking way), never seen anything more spectacular in a simulation ever. Put some machinegun fire into a fuel truck and watch the fireworks!


Robin Williams as an old Scotsman describing the game of golf: "They put a flag on the distant green to give us f'ing hope!" So it goes with CoD, some fantastic graphics just to give us some f'ing hope! LOL

The Campaign sucks. Some of the missions are fine, but there's no connect between the debrief and what actually happened. Flying a captured Bf110 (with Luftwaffe markings, no less) to another airfield, young ladies sharing a Spit cockpit, renegade pilots......ooops, hope I didn't spoil it for anyone! I was kinda hoping for something closer to BOB2's, but that was a stretch!

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