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please, soaringbird im trying to be positive about COD. Dont start me off on colors smile

I know very well what you can see on your monitor. It's nothing new. Color grading is a part of my job and I have to cope with that color problem every day. I just feel a bit tired of that silly task of processing colors to make them pleasing for a Joe who buys most amazingly oversaturated screens with some cool tropical fishes and then grumbles about why everything so garish. And I love the fact that somebody is still trying to make a product that looks perfectly natural and good on a professionally calibrated equipment, not something of two colors, basically indigo and brown like a half of modern games and movies.


I got taken to task on this basically for inferring that the average gamer is "at fault" because they hadn't calibrated their screens to, say, an RBG standard. That was hardly my point, of course, but I had noted how garish some of the midday landscapes in CoD looked when I hadn't hit my calibration preset. By the same token, if the developers had opted to set their palettes to accommodate most commercially available monitors (as mine are - just run of the mill Samsungs), the landscapes would no doubt look washed out on my screens.

I don't colour grade for a living, but I'm an avid video enthusiast and I do all my post, including colour grading, in Adobe's Production Premium CS5.5 Suite (Premiere Pro and After Effects). I'm also acutely aware of the colour grading that IMHO is far too overdone in most movies and gets to be annoying/distracting. ROF and DCS-A10C have impressed me with their natural tones that are actually quite subdued. I like the colour range and saturation in CoD as it appears on my monitors, but it would be a good feature in C0D's video setup to enable the player to use a sliding scale to adjust saturation within the game to a degree.

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