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Don't listen whiners. The game is absolutely fantastic in its current state. The best looking game I have ever seen. The lack of content, planes if more precisely, is only serious drawback. All those bugs people grumble about are so minor you would hardly notice them until someone point them to you.

You think the graphics are better than RoF?

I tried RoF and from what I saw I can say CloD is in a totally new generation visually.

As for colors I am using i1dysplay2 colorimeter device and perfectly 100% sRGB gamut ips monitor or also color calibrated flat TV screen. Colors are absolutely realistic in CloD while in RoF they most of a time are considerably desaturated probably to match with typically oversaturated modern consumer monitors. It kills a sense of proper lighting and the ground surface always looks like a cloudy day there. So I am pretty happy with the colors in CloD. They dare to show you plain realistic non-processed colors for something in the end of a summer unlike many modern games and movies being color-graded to death nowadays. And when it comes to sunsets/dawn there is just no comparison not only with RoF but any other game I saw.

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