You think the graphics are better than RoF?

Streets better, miles better, convincing. Convincing's half the battle for immersion

Rise of Flight took the chance to develop the sim into a work of art under their own very satisfyingly-naturalistic Digital Nature engine, CoD developers stuck with the Il-2 engine when they had promised us a fresh look at the Battle of Britain world. CoD developers called their sim Cliffs of Dover, that was a major blunder and it should have been called '[Someone's perhaps] Battle of Britain'.

There's no resonance in 'The Pebbles of Brighton' not 'Brighton Rock' for example, titles are half the battle. Even if we're not quite sure why Smile2

Oops Smile2

Gennadich Team started mod of IL-2, related to WWI. However IL2 engine was limited in some subsystems and it was impossible to implement all needed features

Primary needed feature seems to have been 'immersive'... and thank goodness. Look at those airfields. Aerodromes. They've even got cooler names Smile2


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