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Dart...Do we know when the SIM HQ review will be taking place and who's doing it?


I'll need it for about a week before I write up the review, then probably another in review and edit. I'm sure everyone will disagree with it, since I haven't "taken a side" other than the side that is entirely fed up with the taking of sides.

It's not the root code of the Internet or firmware to the life support machines in an ICU, it's a flight sim. Should be some good, some bad, some fantastic and some outright terrible.

At worst it'll be a waste of forty bucks, which will most definately not be a low point in my life. The day that how good or bad a flight sim plays brings forth a lasting emotional response is the day I start flailing my hands about in a desperate attempt to find the handle of perspective.

Hopefully it'll show its colors early on and not turn stinker halfway through like Crysis.

There will also be some other articles about the sim by other staff members to get different viewpoints and look at it from different angles.

The opinions of this poster are largely based on facts and portray a possible version of the actual events.

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