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Don't listen whiners. The game is absolutely fantastic in its current state. The best looking game I have ever seen. The lack of content, planes if more precisely, is only serious drawback. All those bugs people grumble about are so minor you would hardly notice them until someone point them to you.

Hmmm trying to be positive..grrr... minor bugs...hmmmm...sound in MP? though they say a fix is coming(positive, phew)

Did Luthier not state that the sound code has been fixed in the last update(meet the team), it is the sounds themselves that have not been finished i.e recording a sound to match every event. Hopefully there is a sound studio somewhere in Moscow that has been getting loads of overtime in over the last month or so to get them ready for Tuesday.
Wishful thinking? I hope not!

"We are redoing our sound from scratch. It is proceeding at a better pace than expected. Its already in a working alpha state, and everyone loves it. The only thing that makes it an alpha is that a lot of events do not play sounds yet. 95% of the remaining work is simply adding new samples." From the July 1st update.

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