HI guys!
I reply from DocW's post, just to say thank you to all for your gorgerous coments & compliments! Though, I must say to FearlessFrog soundwise, my STEALTHBoard could be still improved, I'm just waiting for a soundmod, which can do that what is in FearlessFrog's ears - without getting banned on Steam ;-)
To ArgonV and VA_Deacon: The thing, I like most on realy good Simulations & SimGears are haptic aspects - But, like in Reality, you spend more time on the ground, to keep your engine in a good state, than flying around. So do I, by handycrafting in my workshop.
To Ajay: Yes, I am a painter, that's why don't have a pilot license, simply too much other things to do. Maybee, if Randy Roads, Bon Scott, have had a real good Sim like CoD or IL2, maybee they would be still allive? no, that's rubbish, Randy just was in the wrong plane :-(
Last but not least to Michael alias DocW:
In deed, with the OO7 Simgear, I was able to catch her, Wow- it works fantastic, thank U ,Q!

And you're right, it doesn't mess up the livingroom;-)

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