Hi MaceUK33,

Sorry for the late answer; at the moment we have radar emissions and the cockpit RWR identifying between these emission types: P, TWS, CW, EH, I and J band. No chaff yet, so to get out of argie radar we have to use terrain masking.

The idea of shoving the chaff behind the airbrake was clever. Sure they'd to pop the airbrake to drop the chaff, although I wonder what they did to prevent the chaff to falling out as the airbrake came down too during the V/STOL configuration to assist with containing air during the hover (in a similar way the gunponds do, 'trapping' a portion of the air below the plane and so helping a bit with the lift). If you do a google images search you'll notice that Harriers in V/STOL configurations have the airbrake partially open.

The GR3 had two ALE-40 chaff dispensers behind the airbrake on all planes in the Falklands but the first 6 aircraft deployed.

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