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From one long-time RB3D fan to another, you might like to try First Eagles; it's now a much better sim than when first introduced, and anyone who dismisses it because of its original state and the lukewarm reviews it got at the time, is missing a real treat that no WW1 flightsim fan should pass by:



FE2 (or the original FE/FE Gold, with the latest patch) looks and runs great and while it doesn't have some of the trimmings of RD3D, I find it every bit as enjoyable and immersive, not just because the visuals of the planes, terrain, skies, airfields, and towns are so good, thanks to the latest patch (and even before you throw any of the many free add-ons into the scales), but also because I find its SP campaigns every bit as immersive as RB3D's.

I just played my third mission in a Cambrai campaign with Jasta 17 flying the Albatros DV, leading a flight of 8 (you can choose to fly in many historical units with authentic squadron markings - eg Jasta 5 have their green tails - and from many historical aerodromes) out of le Cateau. The weather was good for November but there was quite a lot of cloud about. The mission was to support the troops in the Lines (similar to the equivalent RB3D mission) but on arrival, all I could see was some ground combat going on below and some white 'Archie', low down, which must have been the British shooting at some of our close support planes (FE correctly displays Allied AA fire as whitish explosions, German as black - brilliant!). As I was orbiting and scanning the skies higher up, three planes suddenly emerged from a canyon in the coulds about half a mile away to my right and slightly below. At first I thought they looked like more Albatrosses. But as they turned and nosed up towards us I could see their wings had a distinct dihedral - SE5s! I hastily gave the signal for air combat and our formation broke up as I turned into them. After a wild free-for-all, trying to keep track of the SEs as they twisted and turned in and out of the clouds, I managed to bag two, while one of my comrades got the other. I took some visible hits on the fuselage and another Albatros was also damaged but we all made it back to Le Cateau.

The FE campaign system isn't perhaps quite as well-executed as RB3D's but it conveys a similar impression of fighting in a combat zone where you never know what you might encounter during your patrol, but with vastly better graphics and AI. The more I play it the more it draws me in - it's more than good enough for this Red Baron fan. the planes are a joy to look at, inside and out, especially the Camel, they are right up there with the very best. Dogfighting is exciting, tense and sometimes downright scary, much more so than RB3D. And you don't need a super-computer or an expensive graphics card to run at high settings. FE2 is available at Thrid Wire for a very good price; I would highly recommend it.

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