Hello again fellow RB3D Simmers,

Here's some more info. on the various FMs after further testing in Red Baron 3D on a Mac. As indicated in my previous post, the Royce II FM seems to be between the GB and ReDux FMs in terms of twitchiness (and also in terms of damage modelling - hits give more damage in Royce II than the Zintack DM used with the Greybeard FM, but less than the ReDux DM).

Of the aircraft, some further impressions:

Greybeard FM/DM

German planes: the Pfalz D.XII spins easily and also breaks sometimes; the Pfalz D.III is a much nicer ride and recovers more easily from spins; the Dr.I is very maneuverable and fairly enjoyable to fly, although challenging; the Albs. are strong and stable, fairly maneuverable, but can break if pushed.

Allied planes: the SPADs and SE5a are spin-prone and will break more quickly than Albs. and Nieuports; the Nieuports don't fall into spins easily, are stronger than the Albs. (oddly), and are fairly maneuverable; the Camel is even more maneuverable than the Nieuports but still enjoyable to fly, doesn't fall into spins easily, and is a stabler gun platform than the Dr.I (a comparable opponent).

ReDux 1.6 Gold FM/DM

German planes: the Dr.I is extremely twitchy, turns to the right passably but very poorly to the left, and also loses wings very easily; the easiest way to stay alive is to gain alt. and "peck" away at your victim below, while the victim tries to gain alt.

Allied planes: the Camel, SE5a, and SPADs all spin and lose wings very easily; the Snipe holds its wings longer but stalls frequently, often falling into a semi-controlled flat drop (not into a spin).

Royce II FM/DM

German planes: the Alb. D.5 has a wide turning radius, is sluggish on controls, and a poor climber (the D.2 is much better: didn't test the D.3); the Dr.I climbs poorly and dives poorly, but has decent aileron response; the Pfalz D.III is a decent climber but sluggish on controls, and needs some right rudder to fly straight (even though it's an inline, odd); the Pfalz D.XII is much more enjoyable, rarely spinning or stalling, and holding its own against a Nieuport 28 for example.

Allied planes: of the Sopwiths, the Camel is the best, nicer to fly than the Dr.I and a real Alb. killer in the Royce II FM (it's a good climber and doesn't spin as much as the Camel in ReDux); the Snipe stalls easily, often falling into a strange "see-saw" drop; the Tripe is better than the Snipe, not as good a gun platform as the Camel but very twitchy, maneuverable, and a good climber; the SE5a is spin-prone, the SPADs slightly less so; the Nieuport 24 is a stabler gun platform than the Camel even though it's just as maneuverable (it can be pushed much further than the 24 in ReDux, but not as much as the one in Greybeard); didn't test the other Nieuports.

Conclusion: for SP, pick the FM/DM that lets your favorite mount shine if you like the "fly now" mode, or one that seems the best compromise if you fly "campaign" mode; for MMP, ReDux Gold is a good option obviously, but if I have time I might try tinkering with the Royce II FM in MMP.

Von Smokehausen

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