Redux 1.6 and WvW 3.0 are identical flight models and damage models, and were designed only with MP in mind, as they are not a complete set for the 38 planes of SP

The only difference is that my install (WvW 3.0) puts the fmparam3.dat and acspecs3.dat in Multi folder rather than Data directly .. both put the #damage.dat files in Multi folder

Several have used them in SP .. HASP or FCJ .. this can be accomplished by putting the files in Simpatch or even Shellpat should work ( for only affecting SP game )

I find these flight models a bit too twitchy on some planes, particularly the Fokker D.VII, and find most of the planes break too easily from stress damage .. also some planes seem a bit underpowered .. some planes that could easily loop in real life can't loop at all with these flight models

the primary objective of WvW and ReDux was to eliminate *uber*, a condition / glitch in the Advanced Flight Model mode where some planes would gain performance when the wings were damaged by mg fire

while that was accomplished, and the gyroscopic precession is done better than prior RB3D AFM mods, there is still, IMO, a few realism and fun-factor issues that could be solved