Hi all,

I love WWI flight sims, as a matter of fact, I just ordered OFF: H & H for now.

I have RB 3d and Win 7 64 bit along with Glidos and the Promised Land superpatch and STILL
can't run RB 3d. Here are my issues:

1. The game goes into a windowed mode
2. The game, when I fly a "Fly Now" mission and die, has video/graphic corruptions where the
screen turns into a psychedelic array of colors. I can still barely make out the background.

Please, what should I try to do fix this OR should I just stick with OFF: H & H and ditch RB3d as being
too old for my machine?

Update: I read the "Can RB 3d run?" thread and applied some fixes BUT...When I die, the game hangs and then I have to kill the
program from the Task Manager. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you very much. wave

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