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FYI, the A1321LUA-T is still available from Newark Electronics and some other vendors. The link is:

They're $1.62 each in single quantities and they've got 2800 in stock.

julian265, would it be worth it to order these as replacements for the A1302's that I'm using now?



Thanks for the link!

If you want to make a sensor that can be adapted to different axes and their angle ranges, I think so. You can use weaker, smaller, wider spaced, single magnets, or an offset sensor to get the best sensitivity for each axis.

But if you don't notice any non-linearity, and you have enough resolution over the range of angles you need to measure, then no. Also if you find stronger magnets, or are able to increase your current magnetic flux in any other way, then you could increase the senstivity without replacing the sensor.

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