I ordered some A1302 from EBAY it turned out that they were china manufactured clones (i checked from the markings and thay are similar to allegro by spec sheet) ,but they work really well the only strange thing is that i can't get full travel in other words by using a 12 bit A/D i only get around 690 to 3700 (wich is anyhow fairly good by being more than 3000 discrete positions) instead of ideal 0 to 4096, the sensor is placed right in the middle of the "BIC assembly" and i used 5x5x5 neodimium magnets I tested by spinning the magnet assembly freely 360 several times and i never exceed thoose values. I laso tried to increase flux by adding magnets but the result not change. Im already satisfied with this setup but i was wondering if this is normal.

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