Hi Lorien, welcome to the forums!

The Windows Vista/7 Fix was created by me, and thanks for notifiying me of the broken download link. FileFront recently changed their name to GameFront, and all previous download links linking to a filefront.com address have now, it seems ALL been broken. When I was first made aware of this, it appeared that SOME file links remained intact. I may perhaps have been wrong or this has since been broken. The reason that it appears downloads have been had this week is because the site clocks up the number of 'Download' button presses - which as you know now leads to a non-existent page.

I'll re-upload the file at earliest convenience and when I do so, I'll amend the link at the start of this topic and may send you a PM here so you know.

And to answer the second part of your query, that is indeed what my fix is for - so you don't have to install everything individually or need to know what you need to run the game. Although, it should be noted that SOME users now need a separate Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit fix, and you do need a glide wrapper of choice for the pre-set 3DFX display mode - most use dgVoodoo v1.50Beta. All of that can be dealt with in good time though.