Okay, now i understand why you started with the more complex Volhov. Smile2
Here they are discussing how to shoot the B2...
... with the S-200D Dubna system (SA-5C)
At 10 km altitude up to 150 km against non-jamming B2? eek
I found the table at the pages 18-19 useful, because it provides a good comparision between the different kinds of missles, that are being used.

And another two questions. Its about the searching methods. How can i opitmize the circular searching method of the Square Pair against a stealth target? And why drops the sector search the vertical elevation always to zero degrees when it starts to scan?

My best result against a stealth target so far:
06:37, Practice target RM-217 Zvezda [program-3] simulating F-117A Stealth launched

11:07, Missile launched from launcher-1
Target distance: 20km
Target azimuth: 64°
Target elevation: 43°
Target angular speed: 339m/s (1,2 Mach)
Target altitude: 14km
RPC mode: MHI - Narrow Beam
GSN mode: Acquire target during flight
Received signal strenght: 35,5dB

11:41, Missile exploded
Practice target RM-217 Zvezda [program-3] simulating F-117A Stealth killed by SAM. (miss distance: 31m)

Total, SNR On Air Time: 5min 20sec

When the F-117A jams the cm wavelenght i always score a hit, when its jamming the Tall-King radar i have big troubles to find it at all, even if i preset the distance, the vertical elevation and the doppler speed of the Square Pair, for example 35 km, ~ 25 ° vertical elevation and doppler speed around 400 m/s and start a circle search i cant find it... sigh

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