I didn't put in the dgVoodoo wrapper(s) because I didn't - and still don't - know where to contact the creator to get permission to use them, also, different people have varying success with different versions. To include any ONE version in my package may suggest (wrongly) to people that that version is the one they should be using. And to include all three versions may just get downright confusing for the more casual PC users.

Well of course you'll have the same level of detail as your 'OEM' installs, that's all this package is - but it allows you to bypass the actual install process yourself, as well as patch and DDU installs. It's NO different!

Most people haven't reported that they CAN'T install on Vista - just that when it comes to the map decompression - that fails. If you cannot pass this stage of the installation process, you can't play the game. As far as I know it has NOTHING to do with their anti-virus program. And of note, you cannot (or shouldn't be able to) install the patch and DDU in Vista/7 as they are 16-bit programs that seem to no longer be suppported by these two latest OS's.

I don't know where other people install their game to, but I have always used 'C:\Games\...' and have had the same problems as others report. Luckily, Win7 has much more relaxed and configurable UAC. Why are you still even using Vista!? smile

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