From the Aerosoft press release....

Because Jet Thunder: Falklands/Malvinas Conflict is a large and complex project it will be release in three 'stages' where each stage builds upon the feedback from customers and adds more features. The first two products will be digital download only, while the last (and final) version will be available in download and worldwide in boxed form. Splitting the project in stages also will enable us to gradually increase the complexity of systems and introduce this generation of jets to customers who have never flown combat flight simulators.

The first release (Jet Thunder: Royal Air Force Harrier) will include the full Falklands/Malvinas islands as a backdrop for the missions flown with the Royal Air Force 1(F) Squadron's Harrier. Starting from the HMS Hermes the user will have battle the Argentinean fighters in support of the Fleet Air Arm Sea Harriers, defend the British ships from attack, prepare the landing operations and provide close air support for the Royal Marines and Paratroopers. The Harrier is expertly modeled and fully operational. From a 'cold and dark' start, all the way to shut down the systems are as they are in the real aircraft. As far as we know this will be the first time full VTOL procedures will be realistically possible in a simulator. Release is scheduled for late 2010, download only, at a of price €20 (plus VAT when applicable).

In 2011 there will be additions that will add many more flyable aircraft, the Argentinean side, and finally the boxed/download version that combines it all.

Ok so this is the context for the planned release or releases, Dante -- what kind of missions will we have? I understand it will be historically accurate, so that will missions set up to recreate what happened? So how will that look? Will there be a linear campaign, eg, a number of missions strung together in a certain order? Or will that order be semi-dynamic, based on missions events and outcomes? Can we assume there will be some additional 'twists and turns' along the way, in the campaign, contingent on events? Or maybe there will be a stock campaign that strictly historically accurate and another one that has a little more 'artistic license' in terms of a wider range of missions to be flown?

And also, what about a Mission Builder/Editor tool for user-made missions? Will that be available in the first release or in later releases?

I apologize, Dante, if you have answered this somewhere in another interview.


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