Thanks for posting this up.

Much like all of the great flight sim websites, Mark's "Frugalsworld of Simulations" was (and hopefully will be again) greater than the sum of it's parts. Frug and I met first 13 years ago when he hired me to write for his site, and we became fast friends. It took me some time, but I came to realize that he's an amazingly brilliant and sensible man...two qualities that can be strangers. His love and support for the flight sim community is unparalleled, and like most of us, it's "in his blood". I truly think that when life finally releases it's grip on him, we'll see him back in a big way.

"Characters" at FW's?

I think all flight simmers fall into this category....99% in a good way.

Thanks again for keeping everyone informed.

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William "BBall" Ball
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