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Here's the news everyone is waiting for. He says that he's still planning on getting the website back up and running "in the future", just not sure when. Strangely enough, he says he misses all the "characters" that hung out at the website (not the "drama" though...go figure), and he would love to get back into online flying, etc soon. As he said more than a few times (and I agree with him 100%), "the website is after all, a part of me..." So the downside is it looks like it may be a bit, what with that pesky "real life" getting in his way... but it's on his mind and in his plans. I know he'd like to re-design the site, and since he has ZERO time to do that, I'm wondering if some of you "techie/IT gurus" would consider offering your time and/or expertise to help him "git 'er dun"? Just a thought.

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