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So your new to SFK42 and your wondering where to get the patches and mods? This guide will hopefully help you find, download and install everything to get the most out of SFK42. This sticky will mostly deal with mods and I will try to keep it updated as SFK42 is still evolving. Most of the patches and mods can be found at Graviteams home site ,Tanksim and the SFK42 Mediafire site (all links at bottom of page). Some mods are hosted only by there creators so you might have to do a little searching. If your having problems finding a certain mod create a post here at the SimHq Graviteam forums or the Graviteam home site forums and someone will help.

Most mods at Tanksim are in the English download section, a few like the all important SPM 1.5 Beta, are located in the Russian download section. This might sound a little intimidating but Tanksim does have a language translator on site.

It is also highly recommended if your OS is either Vista or Win7 to place your SFK42 install in a folder other then the SFK42 default install path C:\Program Files (x86)\Lighthouse\Steelfury. Your can install SFK42 to a seperate partitian of your HD or just install to C:\Lighthouse\Steelfury or a new folder of your choosing.

First you will need the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME). At the mediafire site (link at bottom of page).

Next we need to get the only patch ever made for SFK42 which can be downloaded from or the SFK42 mediafire sites (links at bottom of page).
This is the patch you want:
1). Unofficial_Patch_SF_v0.1_eng A small note about this patch, you will always need to have it activated in JSGME. Without it your SFK42 might not run so remember to always have this patch activated.

Now on to the mods. Again most can be found at Tanksim, Graviteams home site or at the SFK42 Mediafire Site.

*Steel_Panzer_Mod_v1.5 Beta.
The mod is cumulative over previous SPM mods and includes some of the stand alone mods that came out after the last SPM release. So for the most part the latest SPM version is all that will be needed in SFK42 to get the mods that came out between the SPM releases. Also as with all the SPM releases a few vehicles have been added, some have their own missions/campaigns already included while others may need to have a mission or campaign made to be able to use them. But being the models are in the game it is now possible to make them player controlled in your own user made missions via the SFK42 Mission Editor.

SPM 1.5 Beta authors:

Many thanks for making SFK42 what it is today. My apologies to anyone not listed here, if you were involved let me know and I'll get you in he

SPM 1.5 ULTIMATE UPDATE and UU Patch get it here:
Much improved, new missions, new armored units and many post SPM 1.5 Beta mods now included standard. Some mods that are included standard in SPM 1.5 UU are the SPM 1.5 Beta Fix, SPM 1.5 Beta English Mod, NTA 1.3 and NTA 1.4. SPM 1.5 Beta is still required to use SPM 1.5 Ultimate Update. Make sure to follow the installation notes since there is a problem if you use the Steel Sound Mod Collection and don't place it correctly in the SFK42 JSGME mod cue.

Okay now you have the mod, what order should I activate them for SFK42 using JSGME? Well at this time this is the current order that is recommended:
For just SPM 1.5 Beta, SPM 1.5 UU and UU Patch:

1.Unofficial patch_SF_v0.1_(ENG)
2. SPM 1.5 beta
3. SPM 1.5 ultimate update
4. SPM 1.5 ultimate update patch
5. Some sound mod or autumn mod if you like

For SPM 1.5 Beta, SPM 1.5 UU, UU Patch and user created missions:

1.Unofficial patch_SF_v0.1_(ENG)
2. SPM 1.5 beta
3. <mission of your choise like Rends' Barbarossa>
4. SPM 1.5 ultimate update
5. SPM 1.5 ultimate update patch
6. Some sound mod or autumn mod

It is very important to remember that if you use the Steel Sound Mod Collection it must be installed before SPM 1.5 Beta

SPM 1.5 Beta and all SPM Ultimate Updates have been superseded by SPM 2.0. Files can be found at Graviteams or TankSim site's (links below)


There are several user made missions/campaigns that have been developed by western fans of SFK42. You will not find some of these missions/campaigns at the SFK42 mediafire file link since I do not have permission to host them, if permission is granted I will add them. But you can find these new missions/campaigns from:

Kyth: Kyth has granted permission so you can find his 10 Pz III missions at the mediafire link also....thanks Kyth cheers
Kyth:Panzer 38t Missions (on going). or here: i]
Estnische:[i]List of User-Made Missions Sticky. Many of the missions already listed here plus quite a few others, nice description of missions and what mods might be needed.


stone 2009 and Maleshkin Winter Mod Beta III, much improved over Winter Mod Beta II. More realistic looking, ice effects on water and lots of new effects added frosty frosty frosty get it here:
This DL site is in RU, so here is a link to a visual "How To" done by Estnishe:


Available at Tanksim, or at the SFK42 MediaFire Site.
Frontline Acoustics 1.1 by TangoRomero
Steel Sound Mod v1.1 Fixed version (english).
Steel_Sound_Mod_Collection by stone2009.
NSU_Steelfury_Sound1 by NSU


Mission/Vehicle Import Tutorials
I have decided to include these for those who might want to experiment with SFK42. I was hoping for more detailed one stop tutorials to happen when I started this sticky, but nothing has transpired yet. But with what is available and asking some of the authors who have made missions it is possible to put the puzzle together.

Mission Tutorial by Friedrich Wilhelm:
While this is not a complete "how to" it does cover the basics with pictures and descriptions.

Mission Tutorial by fabianfred (video only):
Not a complete tutorial but adds to Friedrich Wilhelms tutorial

Video-lessons for Editors:
Probably the best and complete tutorials on doing things in SFK42, only problem is it's all in Russian

Vehicle Import Tutorial by Mikhayl:
This tutorial might be completed

I wanted to add this since it appears this is the only site where continued modding of SFK42 is taking place. The SPM appears to be stalled at SPM 2.0 and further development is anyone's guess at this time. STA is a splinter group of modders that were working within the SPM but decided to go their own way, the reason's for which I will not discuss. For anyone interested in up to date and new mods for SFK42, please visit the site (link in the FAN SITES with DOWNLOAD/FORUMS).


Graviteams SFK42 forums:


Tank Sim

STA (Steel Tank Add-On)

OLDER SFK42 FILE REPOSITORY SITES (SPM 1.5 Beta not available here):

SFK42 Mediafire Site: (older SPM mods, pre STA) (older STA Mods Jan2015)


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