Hi All,

I havent went through the entire thread but I figured I would contribute to the thread by adding my Ugly Mug wink

By the_nephilim at 2006-09-10

Haha had a friend of mine make that up, Hawkx. Now you know what The_Nephilim looks like ..

Nahh, here is the Real deal not my alter ego:

By the_nephilim at 2010-01-20

Probally the Last time I will ever see that plane again.. 9-10-2001

Here is me more recent, Welding up a Golf Cart we had bought and fixed up:

By the_nephilim, shot with FinePix S7000 at 2010-01-20

By the_nephilim, shot with FinePix S7000 at 2010-01-20

Welding: The Art of Fusing Metals..Really Fun I like Welding even thos it is a dangerous Occupation especially welding Aluminium and other Exotic Metals..I just like Fusing things at the Sub Atomic level wink

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