I've also been a Falcon4 enthusiast from the very beginning and a FW follower from the very early days. Since I am married and father of 2 kids, my simming is getting less and less due to the lack of time. Missing understanding about my hobby i.e. from my wife is adding to this. Even trying
to join a virtual fighter wings more than once, regulary failed.
Right now, my mother is currently battling cancer,and btw about to loose, I work 50-60 hrs a week,
my older son is having quite some probs in school, and my sister is in the middle of a divorce battle... Simming in these days is farther away than ever.
Meanwhile my X45 is covered with dust, my P8000 still waits to be programmed.
DCS has been installed and deinstalled twice. I havent "flown" in 2 or more years...

But in all this time Frugalsworld was standing solid as a rock. A fortress in falcon world :-)
For 10 years, is one of the first things I type, when I start my PC.
And it always cheers me up ;-)

With your problems I feel my problems fade in comparison... I perfectly know what "lack of time"
can lead to. And my family is top priority currently. I am even considering to take up simming,
when I finally retire from work (in 200 y ears LOL).

I just want you to know, that I do appreciate so much what you did and do for the falcon community.
Frugalsworld was always a synonym for Falcon4. Without FW Falcon would have never come that far.

But on the other hand we have to see the real life, our family, kids (that grow up so fast,
and need us so much in exactly that time) and realize, that nothing is more important.

Take the time you need. I know exactly, that WE ALL will wait patiently until the time is
right again for Frugalsworld. FW will never decease, it can only take a rest... no matter
how long. And dont forget, disloyalty is by no means an attribute of a real simmer - especially
not of a Falcon4 follower, and DEFINATLY not of a "Frugalsworlder" ;-)

Keep your head up.