I have packaged and uploaded LB2 'installed', for those of you who have Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32-Bit and 64-Bit) and can't even install LB2 because of errors.

Download, install and see the readme for usage info.

LB2-WinVista-7-Fix.exe (237.78 MB)
* from RapidShare: https://rapidshare.com/files/449369593/LB2-WinVista-7-Fix.exe

Now available in .zip format as some users have reported issues with the fix installer .exe requiring 'missing' files. Thanks to IamFritz for bringing the issue to my attention.

LB2-WinVista-7-Fix.zip (261.88 MB)
* from RapidShare: https://rapidshare.com/files/2574507330/LB2-WinVista-7-Fix.zip

Note that you still need the LB2 CDs or images to play.

* Added new RapidShare link for the .zip version of the fix.
* Removed previous GameFront mirror link as the file has been removed by the site.

Thanks for everyone's feedback and support with this fix. Unfortunately the GameFront (previously FileFront) website removed the fix so the original mirror no longer works and has been removed here, therefore I don't have a final download count for that location. But I am sure that it was over 1300 downloads the last time I was able to check. However, I can be sure that since the .exe version was uploaded to RapidShare on 23.02.2011 - there have now been just over 1000 downloads! I'm sure the new .zip version will do well too, as it may offer more compatbility in use but obviously lacks the fancy-pants installer that I made for the .exe version!